Once upon a time before the smart phones...
wouldnt it be great to have a strong Backgammon opponent available when you have five minutes of spare time but no board or computer available? As you are probably aware, backgammon software on mobile phones thus far has been weak. Well there is an alternative to these low strength programs. Isn't Java portable? Shouldn't BGBlitz therefore run on a cell phone?

These were questions Markus Hervén and I pondered upon back in 2005 until we decided to port BGBlitzs AI and use Markus existing mobile Software to come up with BGBlitz2go. www.bgblitz2go.com lets you see the results of our hard work. Here are some screenshots to give you a first impression of this unique backgammon software.

startscreen of BGBlitz2go one screen with settings for BGBlitz2go a game against BGBlitz2go
If you own a mobile with Java support try out BGBlitz2go, it is free.

Today, 10 years later in the time of smart phones with 8 cores in the GHz range und 6 GB memory the challenges we faced at that time seems barely imaginable. Here is the making-of "The Smallest Backgammon Expert of the World".