Computer Bild 22/2020 (a large German computer magazine) : Backgammon pur - against a clever AI opponent
...sophisticated artificial intelligence... exciting and challenging games ... stylish designs

  Mac games: 5 great backgammon games for your Mac
Of the titles listed above, my favorite is the free version of Bgblitz Backgammon as it's attractive, easy to play and will scale (or not) to whatever level I choose to play.

  The central download point....
Not having played backgammon for some time, we were excited to revisit this feature-rich version of the game and we were not disappointed. Nice graphics, extremely challenging gameplay, and easy tutorials made getting reacquainted a snap, and we were soon back in the rhythm of this classic game. BGBlitz offers one of the strongest AIs of all backgammon games, so players at any level should be able to find some challenge here. Beginning players will like the move tutor that lets you know what the best moves are for improving your game. Once you've practiced against the AI, you can take your game online against a friend on the other side of the globe. Overall, we think the smooth graphics, interchangeable themes, and virtually infinitely challenging AI put this game at the top of the list in the backgammon category.

  A German download site....
Elegant, intelligent, versatile: adaptive Backgammon with integrated Tutor”

  Germany's leading Mac newspaper (7/2007)
"Game of the month"

For anyone interested in Backgammon BGBlitz is a must..... BGBlitz offers fantastic possibilities.... conclusion: absolutely recommended!

  c't (14/2004 S.133)
BGBlitz is a tough challenge even for top players.

  Flint Area BG News
Issue #265 / June 2004 p. 1
I was very amazed, when I held the issue #265 of the "Flint Area BG News" in my hands. Why? Because in this photo is a very high percentage of BGBlitz users. John Drexel, Jim Slomkowski, Michael Darooge and Russ Taber all use BGBlitz. See Russ's and John's comments also.

  LinuxUser 12/2003 p.36
graphically extremely appealing...advanced players and professionals will take much pleasure in BGBlitz

  Computerschach und Spiele 1/2004 p.38
(German computer chess magazin)
BGBlitz playing strength is way beyond for amateur players ..... BGBlitz looks ultrafashionable...

c't, one of Germany's most renowned computer magazines
(c't 13/2003 p.68)
Backgammon is often regarded as a better Ludo by laymen. How little this complex strategy game is in fact influenced by luck can be tested easily by playing against one of the current top programs like BGBlitz. BGBlitz has won the backgammon contest at the computer Olympiad in 2002 and belongs to the strongest backgammon programs presently available..... a neural net is working under the hood. It was trained by 5 million games and enables the program to play better than any human being. ....For players who aim to improve their playing strength BGBlitz offers a lot of training functions ....During game play a configurable tutor alerts the player to faulty moves. Databases with games from high class matches as well as training problems of miscellaneous difficulty can help to teach the novice a feel for the finer aspects of Backgammon ....The graphically appealing program is a good recommendation for backgammon lovers of all levels of play.

... BG Blitz 1.9 .... groundbreaking Backgammon game ..... more realistically than one might expect

... BGBlitz, a top class Backgammon..... there is no stronger playing Backgammon available for the Mac.... a very pretty user interface...

"BGBlitz: l'avversario perfetto per il backgammon"
an article about BGBlitz in Italian language. Even though I'm not fluid in Italian the title doesn't sound bad, does it?

CNET for Mac
BGBlitz is a backgammon game that just might be the best we've ever seen on a Mac...
Overall, if you're a backgammon fan, this is the game for you. With a strong AI, training aids, and tools to analyze your matches, your game will improve dramatically while you have fun.

Jim Segrave
.... It's somewhere in the same playing strength as gnubg or Snowie 4 - no-one's played enough matches between either of those and BGblitz to get an exact measure of the difference in strength, but unless you are an incredibly strong player, it won't make any difference.
(I'm not associated with BGblitz, I'm a gnubg developer, but I bought a copy and have been thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of it).

BGBlitz seems to have overtaken my life. I've been testing out OS X backgammon software for the last few days. A.... B.... and D..... B..... don't quite hit the mark, but BGBlitz is the most astonishing piece of shareware I've ever downloaded. It does everything you could possibly imagine. It plays at world championship level, thanks to a sophisticated neural net. It hooks you up to online backgammon servers. It stores past games in databases, and can perform "roll out" probabilistic analysis of any position. It acts as a tutor both for positional play and doubling. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and on my iBook it plays blisteringly fast. Utterly brilliant, and unexpectedly fantastic value at $23 for the basic shareware license.

David Oshel
BGBlitz has no serious competition on Mac OS X

Ric Gerace
A program I highly recommend is Frank Berger's BGBlitz. The current version includes a neural net player, TachiAI, playing at world class levels. Frank is working on a professional version which will do rollouts and analysis. The program has a huge number of features that will aid the newcomer as well as help experienced players with their game. BGBlitz isn't free, but the price is incredibly cheap for what you get, and what you pay for is the player and the rollout analyzer, but if you don't want to use those, the other features are still available and free.
..... BGBlitz is a great bargain, as is Blowfish/Snowfish, and I'd recommend either of them for beginners and novices, to be followed by GNUBG.

Greater Columbus Backgammon Club
TachiAI - Strongest neural-net software available for Macintosh computers (now called BGBlitz)

Sidney Backgammon club
Frank Berger's BG Blitz has been under development for many years - it's the "Swiss army knife" of backgammon, with the ability to not only play a very strong game, but to convert match files in many different formats. The software is fully supported and costs just US$23 for the player version or US$46 for the Pro version - excellent value.

Tari Akpodiete
I am completely in love with BGBlitz ...
This program is inexpensive, ESPECIALLY compared to other programs which can cost up to U$400, and it is also EXCELLENT. Sometimes things that are not pricey are not good, but this is not the case. You get way more than you pay for....
I cannot say enough good things about the level of support provided by Frank, he's simply amazing.

Russ Taber
I can honestly say BGBlitz has tremendously improved my game. I made player of the month for my first time in our club. Been playing there for three years. I'm starting to make some better players nervous thanks to BGBlitz...
I'm also in the top five of our club with help from your program. Great stuff! Thanks!

Giancarlo Ratto
I am really happy with the backgammon software (BGBlitz) that I bought a month ago. I have considerable increased my game strategies, since I have this software. I won 1 tournament last week and finished 2nd in the previous Peruvian League Championships.(2005)

I bought your program 2 years ago and the results have been incredible. Yesterday, I won the national tournament of Peru. (2007)

Willis Nash
Best game in the world for those who can't get into first person shooters.

Francois Hochede
Bgblitz is a masterpiece in bg software!

Lars Overby
I have used the BGBlitz daily for about half a year now, and I can only congratulate you once again for a fantastic program. It has improved my game considerably, and I can't imagine a better trainer. Therefore I am also very happy to learn that you are still working on improvements for it.

Steve Eakle
This is definitely the best Computer Backgammon game currently available, and I have looked at pretty much all there is on line. You have done us all a real service. I am enjoying the program and am learning a lot from the tutor.

David Rozansky
Thank you so much for your amazing program. I have "professionally" played backgammon for 20 years, and have been playing for 30. I love the fact that I lose more often than win. It is bringing my game to a whole new level, and getting me out of the rut of standard moves and strategies. The more creative I have become, the more games I have won.

Wayne D Gray
BGBlitz is very good. I do not do connectionist modeling myself, but I am very impressed by the level of expertise of your system (Perhaps I should be humbled?)

Rycharn Freeman
I somehow managed to come across your program, and was ecstatic at the price, especially considering the cost of the PC software I had considered purchasing. I immediately downloaded the demo, and being very impressed, soon sent payment for the full license. I haven't played enough to compare BGBlitz to Jellyfish, but I can say I am just excited to have a quality backgammon program for my PowerBook.
I'm looking forward to any updates you may be providing in the future. Thanks for creating such a fine product!! I'm sure my gaming skills will improve by playing and studying my games with BGBlitz!

Takumi Sugiuchi
BGBlitz is really great. This is what I have long been wanting. Seems I can find everything I need in BGBlitz.

Peter Gee
I want to thank you for such a great game. This is by far the best backgammon game for the Mac. I am running Mac OSX 10.1.5 on an iMac DV. I have played the free version Jellyfish for some time, at work only. And I have been craving a strong backgammon game with analytical ability to play at home.

Ralph Saunders
I am impressed with your backgammon game. It's easy to play, and not so easy to beat...the perfect combination.

John Drexel
Love the product!

Gerard Crean
I have been playing Backgammon for at least 10 years as an enthusiastic amateur and find your program by far the best available for my Power Macintosh!
Keep up the good work!

Clark Venable
I must say that your BGBlitz has ruined all other computer backgammon games for me, although I am convince that the machine cheats :-)

René Heim / München
I compare your Software a little with the absolute 1st Class Game Boards of Noble Games (USA)....

Matthias Herkommer
BGBlitz is a wonderful program. The best AI I have ever seen !
I really like it. Congratulations!